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The Marie-Thérèse, Baroness Ullens de Schooten Collections at Harvard University of original ethnographic sound recordings, radio transmissions, and film soundtracks, ca. 1951-1972.
Bakhtiari and Qashqā'i Music and Background Sounds at Isfahān, 1965
Kurdish Music and Background Sounds at Akinlu, Undated
Background Sounds at Chokam and Māzandarān, Undated

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Field Recordings
sample from the film - "Bade Jen" ۱۳۴۸ باد جن - ناصر تقوایی
Radionavahi · الله هو - لالایی مادرانه - افغانستان - رادیونواحی
Radionavahi · آیین برنج کوبی - لرستان - رادیونواحی
sample from the film - "Iran (1971)" by Claude Lelouch
Taragheh Dar Looleh
by کلاله مه‌آبادی
August 9th, 2019, field recording
This tiny species of geckonid lizards live in Iran
Radio Iran, Tehran: circa 1970s. Shortwave recording by Dan Robinson on
bird sound on
Patriotic song of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
mix made by pantea, streamed on Sphere Radio 2021
گردو شکستن, walnut cracking, field recording by Panjool Qeshm 2022
ضبط میدانی از پتجول قشم ۱۴۰۱
"karafs" by Maryam & Sepideh Fazeli Lahijan 2021
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Quarantined In KC by Nilufar Movahedi, April 2020
Sounds From A House In Shiraz While Preparing Breakfast by Morteza Niknahad
listen to more of Morteza's field recordings on telegram:
تیتوئک by پنجول Panjool